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Our Founder

Wendy Osty: Founder, Beauty Expert

Wendy's passion for makeup and skin care started early.  At a very young age she began training as a dancer for China’s premier national performing arts group.  She learned a variety of skin care techniques that enabled her to keep her skin radiant and hydrated despite the rigors of travel, stage makeup and performing daily under the intense heat of stage lights.  Many of these techniques were based on formulas with active botanical ingredients. 

When Wendy retired from performing, she brought her passion for skin care and makeup to the United States where she began working as a beauty advisor for Estee Lauder.  In a short period of time, Wendy rose up the beauty industry ranks and established herself as one of the nation’s top managers and makeup artists.  She was recruited by Swiss luxury skincare brand La Prairie to focus on skin care and manage their flagship Chicago location.  It was at La Prairie where she further refined her skills and techniques as an esthetician while continuing to earn the respect and trust of her clients.

In 2002, after a decade in the beauty industry, Wendy still had not found the ultimate skin care products that met three simple criteria: essential; easy to use; and effective.  So, inspired by her Asian heritage and encouraged by her clients, she decided to combine her experience with natural Asian skin care techniques, including her family’s own organic formulas, and the latest Western cosmetics technology, to develop her own advanced line of skin care products.  The result is our proprietary collection of simple and effective skincare solutions that are sold by Osty Skincare,  Wendy’s company that she started together with her husband Mike.  In creating these products, Osty utilizes cutting-edge cosmetic technology to combine the best natural, biocompatible, and skin-beneficial ingredients.   Wendy is proud to share her skin care formulations and hopes that you enjoy using them as much as she enjoyed creating them.